Dominic Carroll

Dominic Carroll

Dating expert and writer

Dominic Carroll is a dating expert at BrightBrides. He's been helping single men and women from all over the Globe since 2011. As a journalist, he had an opportunity to study different cultures and how people from various countries interact in a relationship. Dominic believes that knowing the habits and background of a partner from another region is crucial for a happy marriage.

Areas of expertise

Carroll is a guru in international marriages. He traveled across the world and explored the behavior of Latin, Slavic, Asian, and European people. Dominic finds it interesting how culture and social norms influence the attitude of women and men towards relationships. His articles cover important moments, including courting rules, family views, and peculiarities of females living in different regions.

He strives to help single guys and ladies find their soulmates disregarding issues connected with their cultural backgrounds. Dominic shares his valuable experience and explains how to date females from other countries and what to do to succeed in a romantic relationship with a partner from overseas.


Dominic studied journalism at the University of California. He graduated in 2009 and started working for a famous magazine. Carroll wrote about the culture of other countries. He realized that he strives to explore the way people build relationships in different regions. The journalist interviewed international couples to gain insights, visited cross-cultural communication courses, and collaborated with a family therapist. Permanent learning has helped him get significant experience to become one of the best experts in the industry.

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Carroll worked for a popular magazine writing articles about traveling. Soon, he decided to focus on studying dating and marriage peculiarities across the globe. That's why he combined his passion for discovering the world, exploring their cultures, and learning how international relationships work. Nowadays, Dominic shares his experience and valuable tips in his blog and on

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